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The Neutralizer reduces the effects of harmful radiation from 5G EMF for Whole House Protection.


The Aulterra™  Whole House USB neutralizes EMF’s coming from all electrical devices plugged into the inside or outside of the home and ambient EMF’s coming in from outside the home.


Aulterra Neutralizers™ Aulterra’s Neutralizer has proven through in vitro studies to be the only product available to protect human DNA from the harmful effects of EMF/RF radiation. The Neutralizer alters the bioelectrical patterns emitted by wireless devices and neutralizes 100% of the detrimental effects caused by EMFs on human DNA. The Neutralizers are 5G rated.


The Only Product that Neutralizes 100% of the Detrimental Effects from EMFs on Human DNA!

Man-made EMFs have chaotic waves of energy and frequencies making it different from natural EMFs. The man-made EMFs chaotic energy can distort or disrupt organic energy patterns, causing damage to human DNA, which is the reason that artificial EMFs are hazardous, disruptive and weakening to cellular metabolism.


Studies Prove Cell Phone Radiation Causes Damage to DNA

The latest studies confirm that what the cellular phone corporations do not want you to know. Even casual use of a cell phone can cause damage to DNA in sensitive areas of the brain.

A landmark study conducted by Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that even at low levels, exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies (EMF/RF) caused DNA damage to brain cells of rats, resulting in loss of short and long-term memory and slower learning. He further noted:


“DNA damages in cells could have an important implication on health because they are cumulative.”


What Makes the Neutralizer Work?

The Neutralizer is made of four micro-thin layers using the same proprietary blend of activated paramagnetic elements used in Aulterra’s Enhance capsules.

Another way of looking at the coexistence of particles and waves is to say the matter oscillates between particle and wave form. This way, depending upon the detection technology, energy can be ‘caught’ in the safe form.

Bio-electromagnetic researcher, Glen Rein, has suggested a possible mechanism to explain the protective effect of the Neutralizer. He states that

“…the natural coherent energy emanating from Aulterra [Enhance} neutralized the incoherent energy from the man-made EMFs, rendering it harmless to human DNA.”


The Neutralizer™ Works on all types of cellular devices and other EMF radiating devices Too!

Cellular phones are not the only harmful EMF radiating devices in our homes or offices.

If you have any of these electronic devices, you need the protection of the Neutralizer:


  • Computer monitors
  • Tablets and netbooks
  • Media players
  • WiFi routers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Cordless telephones
  • Televisions
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Smart meters
  • Smart Appliances


Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, remove, or absorb EMF radiation. That is one of the most unique features of how our products work and why they work so well.


A EMF/Gauss meter will not show less magnetic fields when testing Aulterra Neutralizers. In fact, if you were to ‘block’ or remove EMF’s from their source then you are blocking or removing the frequency waves in which your wifi electronics rely on and your electronics would not perform well, if at all.


Aulterra products use a propriety blend of highly paramagnetic earth minerals that emit a strong coherent frequency that ‘neutralize’ the incoherent manmade EMF’s emitting from electronics, wireless devices and WiFi signals, etc.


We have a vast body of Peer Reviewed research including DNA testing and Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy results on our website that shows the effectiveness of Aulterra Neutralizing products


Aulterra is a privately held business specializing in the research and development of alternative health products that combat the harmful effects of radiation caused by cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, and other household electronics that emit electromagnetic energy.


Our products have been scientifically tested and verified, our results have been detailed in peer reviewed clinical publications, and our innovative discovery was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent office with over 43 separate claims.

Aulterra EMF Whole House USB Neutralizer

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