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This miniature stone beaded bracelet is stretchable for an easy fit. Perfect for those seeking a more delicate gemstone bracelet. These lightweight and dainty jewellery must-have items are made with mini beads. Go for a minimalist look and wear just one, or layer a few types to customize the look.



Approx. 18 cm in circumference with stretch cord,  3mm bead


Black Onyx Healing Properties:

Black onyx is a powerful protection stone and believed to absorb and transform negative energy. Black onyx is used to strengthen self-discipline and increase self-confidence. Believed to help a person change irregular/unhealthy/bad habits, if any, and become more focused and balanced. It helps the wearer stay free from any kind of stress, and helps them make quick, correct decisions that will effectively change their life for the good.

Black Onyx is also known to help one separate from people or situations that are troublesome. It is believed that wearing it or keeping it with oneself helps in ending unhappy relationships

Black Onyx 3mm Small Round Bracelet

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