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These bracelets are easy to mix and match and are made with stretch cord for an easy fit.


Approx. 18 cm in circumference with stretch cord


Chakra Stone Healing Properties:

Chakra stones have been used in healing therapy for thousands of years. Every gemstone has a unique crystalline structure, which vibrates at a particular rate, creating individual healing properties. ‘Chakra’ is defined as the wheels of rotating energy that are located throughout the body. There are hundreds of chakras throughout the body, but seven major ones.


Each Chakra location has its own meaning and its own stones that are used for healing and awareness.

The gemstones that relate to each chakra aid in aligning & balancing the energy centres of the body.

Wearing Chakra stone jewelry helps to align, balance, energize, and cleanse all of these 7, unique major energy centres of the body. 


Black Tourmaline Healing Properties:

A protective stone which repels, blocks and removes negative energies within a person or a space. Can be used as an aid to remove fear and boost self-confidence. Has a calming effect when needed, grounding flighty or scattered energies. 

Those who face negativity, frequent worrying, and/or OCD can use it to help heal these issues.

As a healing stone, black tourmaline is said to protect against cell phones and radiation.

Detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system. Also said to treat arthritis and provide pain relief.

Carry a piece in your pocket to increase physical vitality throughout your day.


Tourmaline is sought after as a talisman of protection to deflect and counteract negative energies. It is also used to guard against radiation, EMF's (Electromagnetic Frequencies) and environmental pollutants.

Chakra Stones Chip Bracelet - with Black Tourmaline

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