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Sweet almond – Buds


Key notes:

  • Affinity for the cardiovascular (CV) system
  • Specific for hypertriglyceridemia
  • Antisclerotic and antithrombotic; arteriosclerosis in the elderly and for nephritic conditions
  • Stimulating effect on the immune system


Therapeutic actions:

Affinity for the cardiovascular (CV) system (useful circulatory remedy in hypercoagulation phenomena)

Specific for hypertriglyceridemia. Almond milk, well known in cosmetics, allows the emulsifying of greasy substances. This analogy is reflected in the bud which has the property to lower blood triglycerides and have a beneficial effect especially for hyperlipidemic and thrombophilic elderly.

Antisclerotic (mainly renal) – All tissues presenting sclerosis might be impacted positively by this remedy. Improves circulation. Useful in the sclerotic elderly with hyperlipidemia / hypertryglycerimia and thrombotic tendencies (antithrombotic).

Arteriosclerosis in the elderly and for nephritic conditions.

Stimulating effect on the immune system.

Psychiatric: Intervenes in phobic and obsessional neurosis.

Endocrine: Thyroid stimulant.

Liver: Antilithic properties.


HerbalGem gemmo complex that contains Prunus amygdalus:

G6 CHO-GEM (cholesterol complex)


Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs. Gathered in the spring at a key stage of their natural growth cycle, buds and young shoots are freshly handpicked and put in maceration in a solution of water, alcohol and glycerin to extract all their active principles.


Ingredients | Each drop contains:

Prunus amygdalus* (Sweet almond buds) (extract 1:20 … 2.5 mg) 0.05 ml

Non-medicinal ingredients: alcohol, water, glycerin.

*Organic certification by Certisys-BE1


Adults and children > 12 years 5-15 drops daily, between meals, pure or diluted in water, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

  • Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless directed by a health care practitioner.
  • Do not use if safety seal is broken.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.

For more information please consult your health care practitioner.

G71 | Prunus amygdalus (50ml)

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