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Hair System for Intense Repair, Strength, Scalp Health, & Natural Hair Growth



  • Intense Repair Shampoo - 237ml

Your clean slate for covetable hair.

Our Intense Repair shampoo offers an intense clean you’ll feel.

Our unique ingredients also provide added protection from sun exposure.  Works in tandem with Intense Repair Treatment to strengthen hair and support natural hari growth.


  • Intense Repair Conditioner - 178ml

Formulated with REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive (our revolutionary replenishing treatment), and rich with Capixyl™, to strengthen and thicken hair, this rich conditioner will hydrate and heal the scalp, while stimulating natural hair growth.


  • Intense Repair treament - 74ml

Helps counteract the formation of DHT (hormone) that may lead to hair thinning. Assists in improving follicle strength and reducing scalp inflammation. Penetrates deeper and nutures the scalp to increase overall growth, strength, and thickness.

Intense Repair System

C$253.00 Regular Price
C$227.70Sale Price
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