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Redmond Bentonite Clay - Deep Cleansing and Soothing



Mix the Redmond Clay with water to make a gel the consistency of mustard. Then apply the gel/paste directly on the skin for a drawing effect.

If the clay is not covered it will dry out, and as it dries, you will feel it draw and pull. If you want a tightening effect, as in the case of a facial, leave it on until it is almost, but not totally dry, then remove. If you want a more cooling and soothing effect, cover the gel with a plastic covering or wet cloth so it won’t dry out.


To remove the clay pack, simply wash it off with water and a gentle rubbing motion. Do not reuse the clay pack.


Other external uses have been as a talcum powder or a diapering powder.

Redmond Bentonite Clay (10 oz.)

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