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  • Helps eliminate odour-causing bacteria.
  • Provides powerful support to the immune system. Helps destroy numerous pathogens including bacteria, parasite, viruses, and fungi including yeast.
  • Silver has traditionally been used for acne, ear infections, eczema, herpes, shingles, sinus infections, colds, flus, measles, tonsilitits, tetanus, rheumatism and wounds. 
  • Helps alleviate inflammation (ears, eyes, nose and throat).


How It Works:

Nature's SilverGuard is a solution of 18 ppm silver dissolved in purified water. 



Each teaspoon (5 mL) provides 90 mcg of pure silver in colloidal form.

Recommended Use:

Directions (adults):Swish one teaspoon of Nature’s SilverGuard in the mouth for 30 seconds three times a day.  Caution:This product contains silver and/ or silver salts. Avoid contact with broken or abraded skin.

SilverGuard Liquid (118 ml)

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