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Full Body Analysis - A Consultation with Our Herbalist

The Full-Body Analysis is a full health assessment where our Herbalist, Darlene Balaz goes through your entire system determining where your overall health is at.

A Full-Body Analysis/Consultation consists of 7 tests:

  • Iridology

  • Muscle

  • Tongue

  • Teeth

  • Fingernail

  • Face

  • Ear


These parts of the body will show indicators of deeper internal illness or health deficiencies.

She then also does a whole body muscle test using reflex points on your body to check the health of all individual organs & glands in the body.


The last part of her assessment, she gives you tailored product/supplement regime through muscle testing as well, based on your individual health needs and findings in the appointment.

These 7 tests, along with a consultation, take approximately 45 minutes and allow the Natural Health Practitioner to determine what the major health concern(s) are in your body and guide you to better health.

You will leave here with information about the health of your whole system, what organs are unhealthy or struggling, and how to fix it and get to the root of any health issues or problems.

Darlene Balaz

-Herbalist, Colon Hydrotherapist

-Owner/Operator of The Natural Flow to Health

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