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Ear Candling

What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling is a non-invasive remedy to clean ears and remove excess ear wax. The hollow ear cone candle is inserted into the external ear canal. The candle is lit at the opposite end. This creates a low-level vacuum that draws ear wax into the hollow candle. After the procedure, a dark, orange waxy substance is usually left in the stub of the candle.

It is a normally painless, harmless and totally relaxing experience. If you feel discomfort immediately stop the ear candling treatment. If you have any serious medical problems do not ear candle this must be addressed & referred to by a medical doctor. The treatment lasts about 15-30 minutes. Almost everyone from infants to adults can benefit from ear candling. Many people find it to be a satisfying relaxing procedure and assist them in feeling better.


What are the Benefits of Ear Candling?

  • Removal of ear wax build-up and debris from the ear canal

  • Relief of pressure in cases of sinusitis, chronic headaches, migraines, congestion, allergies and ear infection, “swimmer’s ear”.

  • Reports of subtle changes in energy flow

  • Un-blockage of impacted cerumen (ear wax)

  • Clients report improvements in hearing and breathing

  • Relief from vertigo or dizziness

  • Relief from tinnitus or head noises

  • Helps hearing aids function more efficiently by cleaning ear canal

  • May improve hearing, smell, taste and vision and assist in detoxifying the sinus and lymph system.

What to Expect After an Ear Candling Treatment…

After an ear candling session, if it is cold or windy, insert some cotton ball into the ear. Try not to get water in the ear for the next 24 hours.

For a short time after an ear candling session, an individual may feel light-headed. Noises may seem to be much louder. Sinus drainage increases.

A heightened sense of taste, smell and sight and improved hearing. For a day or two after an ear candling session an individual may experience warmth, or some itchiness in the ear canal. This can be easily relieved by simply putting a drop or two of olive oil in the ears.

  • Drink lots of water after the treatment.

The candling seems to start a cleansing process and the water will help the body to quickly flush the toxins out. This is a detoxification.


  • Repeat the process again if you still feel blocked.

Sometimes large wax accumulations can require repeated treatments.

Our Ear Candles:


  • The ear candles we use in treatment are hand-crafted with care in the heart of the Okanagan, made from 100% pure Canadian bee’s wax.

  • No petroleum products (paraffin) have been used in the manufacturing of this product.

  • The fabric is 100% pure, unbleached, muslin cotton.

  • Only the highest quality materials are used.

  • All candles have a light exterior coat of beeswax.

  • The inside of the candle is dry to the touch. This allows the ear wax that is drawn-up with the smoke to stick to the walls of the candle.

  • Candles are ½ inches in diameter and 12 inches long, tapered at the end for a snug fit into the ear.

  • Dimensions slightly vary as these candles are individually wrapped by hand.

  • No herbs or essential oils are added as this may cause allergic reactions.



  • Candle your own ears.

You will have no control over the flame and this can be dangerous.

  • Candle anyone with tubes in their ears.

This could cause the tubes to become blocked or the gentle suction could dislodge the tubes.
Once the Doctor has done this; no candling should be attempted until the tubes are out of the canal.
Wait 6 months after the tubes are out of the canal before ca
ndling. This gives time for the eardrum tissue to heal.

  • Candle anyone with a recent punctured eardrum.

Candling anyone with a punctured eardrum is risky; any smoke or liquid can go directly into the inner ear.

  • Candle ears that are draining.

The body is already at work healing the ear.
The draining from the ear is good and will relieve the pressure and pain.

  • Candle only one ear.

Always do both ears as candling one ear will cause imbalance or dizziness.

  • Candle someone who has had recent ear or sinus surgery.

Allow the body time to heal.
Candling is gentle but still creates movement of debris and a certain dryness in the ear.

Who Should NOT Have Ear Candling?

  • People who have ear tubes

  • Perforated/Artificial ear drums

  • Ear tumor/cancer

  • Ear Surgery

  • Any serious medical problems must be addressed & referred to a medical doctor.

  • If you are apprehensive or afraid, or if you are have any doubts, do not proceed with the treatment.


These ear cone candles are not a medical device. No claim is made for any cure of any disease or ailment. Manufacturers, sellers or ear candle practitioners are not liable for any claims, costs or damages resulting from the use of these candles. They are not intended to replace professional medical advice.


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