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Intergalactic Quantum Healing 

Remote Appointments Available by Phone as Well!
Intergalactic Quantum Healing Blend:

Soul wound healing, energetic clearings, and activations

Receive a full body scan to discover ailments in physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Using
light code and high frequencies, we clear the imbalances and emotional/ metaphysical properties
directly related to these issues. Soul wound healing allows for liberation from the physical tissues.

We can also move into past lives and learn deep aspects of the soul for healing at the root. Moving
through interdimensional portals and timelines gives us access to what the heart has been longing to
have healed and transmuted.
We also work on infusing the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, bringing cohesion to the body and
soul while activating and upgrading the cellular matrices.
Karmic cycles, patterns, and contracts can be cleared and healed during this session. Experience these
timeline clearings and feel your body respond in beautiful ways!

60 minute session $250 +GST
75 minute session $275 +GST

Erica Andries

Erica’s enthusiasm and passion for healing began at a young age when her empathic nature gave her a
glimpse into the inner worlds of others. Feeling what those around her felt has not always been easy,
but she has harnessed this gift and applied it to her many workings, thus becoming the healer she is

Studying biology and having an admiration for the human anatomy, Erica graduated from Mount Royal
University in Calgary Alberta, completing her Massage Therapy Diploma in June of 2016. Prior to her
Diploma, she had also completed her Reiki Master Certification at Mount Royal University in 2014.
Interweaving the science of the material body and the intricacy of the light and life force within us
allows for a holistic approach to healing the Body and Spirit as one. She has progressed in her healing
modalities, learning, and studying Quantum Healing, and taking Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing
Hypnosis Course in June of 2022. Her expertise continues to evolve as she is devoted to working in
groups and exploring more healing through the realms of music and integration.

Erica’s goal is to empower her clients through connection to their truest form-the Divine Light within.
Through mentoring, educating, and facilitating these sessions and programs, her focus is to reunite each
mentee with their Cosmic origins, and healing their deepest roots here on Mother Earth. When we can
embrace all parts of us, magic will unfold in significant ways! By harnessing the true essence of your
Highest Self, Erica can assist in creating cohesion between your inner and outer worlds. When this
collision takes place, the familiarity between your Soul Purpose and the Divine Universe can be

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