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** All Testimonials have been posted with our Client's permission, and reflect their own personal opinion.

Please know that each person's success is determined on an individual health basis, as well as the client's participation.

Each person's health program, guidance, and timeframe of treatment varies per their specific health needs. 

** 03/09/2015 - A Miracle Woman

"At first was very excited and a little skeptical on seeing Darlene. I didn’t know what to expect but I was desperate on having my menstrual system healed. For seven years now I was getting my monthly gift twice a month; my family doctor put me on every kind of birth control to find something that worked. We tried IUD, the pill - Yaz, Yasmin, Alesse, Oval Ring, the patch, etc. Nothing worked and I started to feel tired and groggy, never had energy for anything. I visited Darlene, and she put me on a bunch of different herbal drops and pills. I instantly felt better; it took a litter longer than expected but it was well worth the wait, I now feel great and my menstrual system is perfectly normal! I picked up a cold and tried some quick meds to help my horrible sore throat and extremely runny nose (it didn’t work). She put me on two different pills that helped me out after the first day using them! I have recently bought her whitening toothpaste that she sells; I’m obsessed with my teeth being white. It worked faster than any other whitening toothpaste I have used. I recently got a bug in Mexico, lasted a week and I finally asked Darlene what I should do, her advice made the nausea go away that day! I would never doubt anything Darlene advised me to do; she’s a miracle woman with nature and science on her side!"

- Brittany M. 


** 02/07/2012 - Magnificent Staff

"After many bouts of indigestion and later of the excruciating pain of gout, I consulted with Darlene Balaz to see if she could help me where the medical profession had been unable to. Darlene listened to me intently, suggested a regimen of herbal treatment which I followed to the letter. Voila, treatment worked for both maladies. I would recommend Darlene and her magnificent staff to everyone."

- Doug N. 


** 02/07/2012 - Absolutely Awesome

"We began seeing Darlene when she was just beginning her practice. She’s absolutely awesome. I had a few health problems that Darlene promptly fixed for me. I have now lost more than 30 lbs and am on a regimen of vitamins and herbs and a healthy diet to control my Diabetes. I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for about 10 years and to date do not use Insulin in any form. I would truly recommend the Natural Flow to Health for everyone and anyone." **

- Lorraine N. 


** 11/01/2011 - Always Willing to Help

"We all love everyone there! Whenever you call someone is willing to help you. I have learned so much since we have been seeing “Dr” Darlene, that's what I love, its not just her telling you what to do, but she is willing to teach you so you know what is going on! We have nothing but good things to say! We have been truly blessed to have all of you in our lives for the past 4 years!!!!!!!"

"We love you and appreciate you all soooooo much!" 

- The Vigons 

Calgary, AB


** 11/01/2011 - Improve All Elements of Health

"As a drug free professional bodybuilder my body is continually being put through some extreme situations with the training, nutrition and supplementation that takes place at the competitive level. I have been under the guidance of Darlene for 2 years now and the results have been something I brag about to all my other fellow athletes. My health, vitality, energy, digestion and performance all have drastically improved in going for regular colonics and also using a sound holistic program tailored for me body and needs. Darlene gives you the VERY best in care and comfort each visit."

"I would recommend her and her team of professionals to anyone wanting to improve all elements of their health." 

- Mathew P. 
WNBF Pro Bodybuilder, Calgary, AB


** 11/01/2011 - Compassionate and Caring

" Prior to seeing Darlene I was emotionally & physically not in a good place. My son had passed away 6 months prior & that tragedy had taken its toll on my health. My emotional state was a combo of grief & hormonal mismash. Looking back I was puffy faced & thick...not healthy at all. "

** " My 1st meeting w/Darlene was amazing...she was compassionate & caring. Even though I probably wasn't making much sense & the tears were flowing like a river...Darlene made me feel comfortable & at ease. That day I will never forget....she understood what I was going through. Yeah!!! That was almost 6 yrs ago & I have come from a very dark & unhappy state to a mentally & physically healthy 54 yr old. With herb's, food changes & Darlene's guidance I am on a better path. "

" Thank You Darlene! " 

- Cindy 
Dewinton, AB


** 11/01/2011 - Knowledgeable, Understanding and Passionate

" The Natural Flow to Health has changed mine and my family's health. I would highly recommend Darlene and her team. Darlene is amazing! I have referred many friends and family to see her and I recommend you see her too. You can change your health at your pace no pressure. Darlene will analyze and suggest to you and then YOU decide what is best for you. You decide the intensity of the program you want to take then Darlene will suggest the program that fits your life style. Darlene is very knowledgeable, understanding, and passionate about health. If you have clicked on to this web-site call the office now. Don't wait! Your health is worth the investment. Call for a consultation to see where your health is. What do you have to lose? " 

- Shannon 
Calgary, AB


** 11/01/2011 - Helping People Live Better

" Here I was, 49 years old, and daily feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired (old and fat). I had a friend who felt the same so we heard about this amazing natural health practitioner and decided to go together. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!! Darlene immediately put me on a cleanse and said "get rid of all the whites in your life...and stop drinking pop!". YIKES! I knew she was not talking about laundry, but I was almost embarrassed to ask for specifics on this. White flour, white pasta, refined white sugar, refined salt, white thought was "I am not going to spend money to see her unless I am willing to do whatever she says", so my evening was spent revamping my cupboards....and this was only the beginning! "

** " I needed to get real comfortable talking about my bowels and my liver (she does not pull punches) and I had to rearrange some things in my life in order to get the health I so badly needed & wanted.” Much to my surprise (and great joy) I dropped 30 pounds in the first 6-8 months I was with her and my health improved "10-fold" at least. Darlene has helped me to gain knowledge about things I never thought about before and to think about how I can care for myself without having to run to the Doctor once a week with a new health issue. She has been a literal God send to me and I am so grateful for her continued presence in my life as mentor, health professional, and friend! Now 40 pounds down from my original lifelong "fat phase", I do not feel as old & not at all as sick or tired as I did 6 years ago... and I still look forward to my next visit with her (I know my liver will always thank me!). "

** " Thanks Darlene for your dedication to your work and your deep passion to help people live better and enjoy life more! "

" You are amazing!!!! " 

- Wendy 
Calgary, AB

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