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Archangel Mikael Incense (Prosperity)


Jabou™ 12 Archangels Series Incense - #08 Mikael Incense

Package of 20 sticks, Burns 60 min/stick.


To Use: Light end, blow out flame and place in incense holder.


  • This natural incense favours contact with the energy of the archangel Mikael, and acts in the following areas: Inheritance, family patrimony, good luck in games of chance and in business, as well as increasing material riches, good fortune, social standing, and promotions, as well as improving stock market speculations.
  • Each stick burns 60 minutes so you can enjoy your spiritual calm.
  • Made, with great care, in Canada according to ancient traditions. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.
  • Charcoal Free - Each Packet contains 20x 60-minute sticks / 35 grams.
  • Guaranteed, by the manufacturer to be the top quality that you are looking for.

Mikael Archangel Incense

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